Football Ball Pumps & Accessories

Whatever your level of football - whether you play, coach or referee, we have a range of accessories that will suit your needs and requirements. Here at Eveque, our specialist team knows the importance of grass-roots football and encourages players of all ages and abilities to play. We have over 40 years of experience supplying a range of football equipment and accessories to teams, schools and other health and sports organisations.

In order to play with confidence, you need reliable and durable equipment that will stand the test of time. Take our range of football pumps; every team needs a football pump. We have precision hand pumps that can be carried to school football training sessions or to player clubs. We also have an electric football pump so coaches and teachers can ensure footballs are always ready to use before a match or training session. Further, we stock a stirrup football pump and a football pressure gauge so you can check ball air pressure.

No one wants to play with a ball that is either flat or too full of air. A regulation-sized 5 ball must be between 8.5 - 15.6 psi so it is vital that all balls are checked before they are used. Each football pump comes with a standard football pump needle. A football pump adapter can be used if you need a different sized football pump needle. When inflating a football, please make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Footballs of different sizes will likely have a different psi and over-inflating a ball can damage the stitching.

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