Hockey Balls

Whether you are a coach or a player, training is a fundamental part of the skill and enjoyment of hockey. We offer a range of coaching aids such as training balls, cones and carrying cages to make sessions more pleasurable and simple to organise. This means you can provide your club or school with the necessary equipment with minimal fuss at affordable prices.

Our hockey ball bag from Slazenger is ideal for practising moves on the training pitch. It comes with 12 Slazenger smooth PVC balls in white, yellow and orange. It is designed for simple storage and is easy to carry. This field hockey ball is suitable for all pitches including sand-based or water-based surfaces. The hollow centre and smooth seamless design also make this a perfect indoor hockey ball.

Another option is a further set of Slazenger training balls with a PU dimpled surface which boosts contact with the hockey stick thus improving passing and shooting skills. These balls also have a hollow centre and the dimpled surface improves water dispersion. Again, the set of 12 balls come in assorted colours with a carry bag. The balls are perfectly suited for use by clubs, schools and players of any level.

For coaches, our coaching equipment is designed to cover all your needs in coaching sessions and pre-match warm-ups. Our handy metal field hockey ball cage is sturdy and can hold 36 balls, making storage and transportation easy. The cage comes with 40 marker cones made of durable plastic, useful for training drills.

Our high-performance coaching sets and equipment are hard-wearing and will satisfy the needs of any school or club.

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