Hockey Coaching Kits

At Eveque we know all about field hockey and that it requires aerobic fitness, speed and endurance. Training hockey players efficiently can improve a team’s speed and strength, while an aerobic element is typically part of an integrated training plan. Our top-quality coaching equipment helps trainers to work with teams in order to develop their skills and attain peak fitness and performance.

We are experts at supplying hockey equipment and can cater to your individual needs when it comes to providing high-quality kit. Our Slazenger Hockey Coaching Bag is a premium hockey coach bag. If you want a superior hockey coach bag, look no further. The full set of this hockey coach bag comprises of 12 x 34” Panther sticks, 12 x 36” Panther sticks, 24 x field hockey balls (suitable for astroturf), and 1 x large kit bag.

The Slazenger Hockey Premium Coaching Bag is a great solution if you are looking for the best hockey coach bag on the market. It performs brilliantly whether you are teaching at a school or a club and contains the same useful items as the Slazenger Hockey Coaching bag above, with the addition of 12 x bibs and 40 x cones. Once you have experienced the set’s quality, it will soon become your best hockey coach bag.

Fun on the field and meeting fitness goals are guaranteed with our Slazenger Hockey Coaching Bag and the Slazenger Hockey Premium Coaching Bag. Both make an excellent field hockey coaching bag that your team will embrace. We are highly knowledgeable regarding all sporting equipment and can answer any questions you may have.

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