Hockey Goalkeeping Kit & Equipment

Goalkeeping is demanding and often the match outcome depends on the skill of the goalie. At Eveque, we stock hockey goalkeeper kit designed especially for this challenging, yet exciting position. Among our hockey goalkeeper kit accessories is the Slazenger Hockey Goalie Smock crafted for visibility in vibrant orange. Made from lightweight polyester mesh, this attractive tabard is unisex.

A helmet is a vital part of hockey goalkeeper kit, and we have just the job with the superior Slazenger Club Hockey Helmet. With its steel face mask, high-impact resistant shell and moulded interior foam, it looks and feels great and will keep you safe on the pitch. Adjustable comfort pads make for the perfect fit.

The Slazenger Hockey Pro Goalie Stick is a hockey goalkeeper stick that forms an essential part of your hockey goalie kit. With its kinked head shape, it offers greater stopping area, and it has a taped grip finish for ease of handling. This prestigious hockey goalkeeper stick will give you excellent performance from day one.

As well as taking care of your hockey goalie stick, we provide the excellent Slazenger Hockey Academy Goalkeeper Kit. Offering protection with foam cushioned pads and adjustable straps, the kit employs Velcro for ease of use. It contains kickers, leg guards, gloves, a chestpad and a lightweight holdall. This kit comes in both junior and senior sizes.

The superb Slazenger Hockey Academy Premium Goalkeeping Kit Junior contains kickers, leg guards, gloves, protective shorts, body armour and a lightweight holdall. The moulded foam creates a superb fit and nylon airflow material guarantees comfort. We make the buying process online as simple as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to place an order.

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