Hockey Sticks

Hockey is a robust game and your equipment will need to stand up to the challenges of a high-paced match. Our equipment meets the necessary requirements and stands the test of time. If you are looking for high-quality field hockey sticks at an affordable price then our range is ideal for you.

The Slazenger field hockey sticks are crafted to high quality and come with a trusted manufacturer’s name. The Slazenger Panther is a kids hockey stick ideal for newcomers to the game. When selecting a suitable junior hockey stick, you will need to consider sizing - this stick comes in a variety of lengths from 28 inches to 36 inches. It has a one-piece Micra head offering control and strength, as well as a reinforced fibreglass toe. The six-ply handle adds flexibility and has a polyester tape covering as well as a PVC grip.

The Mega Hockey Stick Junior shares many of the Panther’s qualities; it is offered in 34 inches and 36 inches sizes to suit your individual needs. This stick has a cushioned grip and a glass-fibre tape covering the face of the blade.

Hockey goalie sticks have improved considerably in recent years thanks to refined manufacturing. The Slazenger Pro Goalie Hockey Stick combines many of the latest design components. It is designed to give goalkeepers maximum support in shot-stopping. The stick shaft has a large stopping area to present to opponents when the goalie goes to ground. It also boasts the traditionally shaped head. The taped finish on the grip offers improved handling while this wooden stick is reinforced with glass-fibre and graphite. It is available in a 37-inch size.

Whether you are a player, teacher or coach our field hockey sticks are designed, crafted and selected to fit your requirements and budget.

How to choose a hockey stick for a child?

The best way to choose a child’s hockey stick is to handle it and see how it feels. As a guide, it should reach from the ground to their hip bone. If it’s too big it will be difficult to control the ball and if too small, they'll play in an awkward back position.

What size hockey stick to buy?

To play your best, you need to make sure you have the right size hockey stick. This will depend on the players' height, their position and standard of play. To measure the right stick for you, hold the stick up to your body and choose a stick that is approximately 2 inches below your waist.

How much is a field hockey stick?

A well constructed hockey stick is essential, as the stick will undergo some rough treatment. You can grab a junior stick for as little as £8.28, and a full size stick costs £9.42. A pro goalie stick will set you back slightly more, and they’re priced at £18.42.

How to measure a hockey stick

Making sure you have the right size hockey stick is essential to play your best. This will depend on your height and playing position. For best fit and to measure a hockey stick, hold the stick against your body and ensure that it is roughly two inches below your waist.

How to measure a hockey stick for a child

To ensure your child’s hockey stick is a good fit will depend on their height and their playing position. The best way to measure a stick for your child is to get them to handle it and test it out. For best fit, it should sit well from the floor to their hipbone.

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