Netball Sets

Here at Eveque, we are proud to stock the highest quality netball accessories and equipment for netball clubs, teams, and schools across the UK. We source goods from trusted manufacturers that meet British Safety and Quality Standards for the sport.

A netball set can be a great way for a school to start training in the sport with confidence. Our Child Netball Set comes with everything that a coach might need to begin training students in this competitive and exciting sport. Each pack contains four sure-grip netballs, eight nylon wound netballs, four foam balls, two packs of our netball bib set, 25 Spacemarkers, and an Albion ball sack.

This netball set is the perfect starter kit for children new to the sport. The balls provided are of a competition quality Size 4. Size 4 netballs are designed for use by children aged 10 and under, with the smaller size making it easier for children to control and use the ball. The sure-grip balls in the set will help nervous players who are starting out and the foam netballs will enable them to practice without the added worry of causing each other any serious injuries.

The two packs of our micromesh netball bib set will provide both home and away playing kits for school teams. Made of lightweight polyester, the bibs have been designed to keep players from overheating during play while remaining securely in place for free and easy movement.

Space markers will provide court boundaries for quick practice sessions, or are equally useful for setting up training courses to help improve on footwork. Finally, there’s a high-quality durable storage solution for keeping everything safely in one place, keeping your kit in top condition for training and games for years to come.

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