Netball Bibs

Other than the ball and net, an essential for a netball team is a set of netball bibs. How will the Goal Keeper know who the Wing Attack is? Eveque offer bibs that are perfect for those in training or teams playing at professional league level, all stocked and made to our high standards in quality and innovation.

For those looking for netball bibs UK, Eveque stock bibs and shirts made by manufacturers that supply teams of every level and skill: from primary school aged teams through to those playing at competition level. Our stock of netball shirts with Velcro bibs is available in a range of sizes and multiple colours to match your team or league. Whatever the official colour of your kit, Eveque will have something to present your team in style. These netball bibs for adults and for children are lightweight and breathable, crafted in a performance polyester designed to keep players cool and not overheat during training and games. Elastic straps on either side will ensure a comfortable and secure fit for adults and children alike. These straps will prevent ruining the sleek look of a netball dress or simply keep bibs in place during an energetic game.

Eveque also stocks High 5 netball bibs UK and netball bibs adults. High 5 is endorsed by the netball’s governing body, England Netball, and is a way for children aged nine to 11 to be active, enjoy themselves, and make new friends. These High 5 sets feature all five court positions in a variety of colours for teams.

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