Bespoke Manufacturing - Climbing Wall Matting

We can cater for all of your needs when it comes to climbing wall matting by offering a bespoke service to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimum levels of safety for your clients or customers.

Having confidence in your climbing wall matting is essential. This is not an area where you can afford to compromise on quality of design or manufacture. This is why you need experts in the field to ensure that everyone who uses your climbing wall - and your business or organisation - is safe and properly protected. We are those experts!

Climbing walls can be great fun but that fun factor would soon be diminished if safety was put at risk at any time. Climbing walls, by their very nature, can have dangers attached, but you can seriously reduce this risk by putting your trust in our expertise and experience.

We can boost the fun factor and safety levels of your climbing wall by offering the design and manufacture of climbing wall matting to fit any area and any individual requirements. You get the choice of the area you want to cover and the colour and design you want - with our expert advice, of course. You can be assured, however, that whatever you choose will be of the highest possible quality and produced with the maximum safety levels in mind. We know that you don't want to compromise on quality or safety, and neither do we.

We are already enhancing the climbing wall experience for thousands of people around the UK and so we are perfectly placed to help you ensure the comfort and safety of your users. This will give you peace of mind as your customers enjoy using your climbing wall, and it could also bring business or organisational benefits at the same time.