Bespoke Manufacturing - Combative Matting

Many sports come with hard landings, and for these ordinary mats are not enough. Keeping gymnasts and athletes safe during training is every bit as important as the training itself. Injuries are the quickest way to fail.

Collisions with the floor are probable in every martial art or while using an indoor climbing wall, trampoline, trapeze, horizontal bar, parallel bars, uneven bars, high bar, pommel horse, still rings or a balance beam. Floor exercises can also involve high jumps and generate high speeds. Gymnastics is without doubt one of the most dangerous sports, and sadly the highest injury rates are seen in girls between the ages of 5 and 20.

The better your students get at vaults, high jumps, somersaults and other floor exercises, the quicker all that hard work goes to waste if your safety mats aren’t up to the same standard they are. That’s why only the best will do.

Our combatives matting is made from blended layers of foam and woven carpet. It has enough rigidity to provide a firm surface you can easily work on, yet is elastic enough to absorb impacts. The top surface of our combatives matting is made of a non-abrasive PVC that is easy to wash and unlikely to cause a friction burn. Floor contact is non-slip, and different sections can be connected firmly together using a bespoke joining strip to form a continuous uniform surface.

A practical consideration is the ease of fitting, moving and storing your equipment. These mats are not as cumbersome as heavy flooring rolls, nor as laborious as those cheap jigsaw tiles.

It’s hard to train when you don’t have confidence in your landing. Top-quality combatives matting provides the extra confidence your students need in order to trust themselves and train harder. Without the right flooring, even the best trainer is one hand clapping.