Bespoke Manufacturing - Exercise Mat Manufacturers

Eveque is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of fitness and exercise mats, with over 30 years experience of producing high-quality sporting mats and equipment.

Our exercise mat range is extensive and therefore the ideal solution for gyms, fitness centres, schools or community groups who are looking to buy mats either in bulk or in smaller numbers. Our exercise mats can be used for a range of fitness and wellness classes including yoga, Pilates, aerobics, strength classes and even meditation.

Our range of sizes means that these mats can be used for both adult and child fitness sessions. Here at Eveque, we understand that every gym is looking for something a little bit different, which is why we produce a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours.

As with many of our products, we offer a bespoke exercise mat service, whereby your company name or logo is expertly printed on the mat for all to see. Bespoke mats are an excellent opportunity for company branding and give your gym a more professional appearance. In fact, bespoke services aren't just used by gyms, but also by not-for-profit sports clubs, schools and community groups.

All of our exercise mats are moisture resistant, fire retardant, comfortable and highly durable. They are built with schools and gyms in mind, and are therefore robust enough to be used day-in, day-out for a wide range of exercise and fitness classes.

When you buy mats directly from exercise mat manufacturers such as Eveque, you can take advantage of our direct wholesale prices and also choose from a wider range of colours, shapes, styles and sizes than anywhere else.

Browse our full and extensive range of exercise mats today and get in touch with our friendly team for help with logo printing, bespoke mat services or setting up an account.