Bespoke Manufacturing - Foam Conversion

At Eveque, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a vast range of products and equipment to meet all your sporting, fitness and athletic needs. We can also offer bespoke foam-based products designed specifically to cater to your requirements.

Foam is a product used a lot here at Eveque. It is most notably seen within our safety and landing mat range but is also prevalent in other sectors. Footballs, advertising panels, swim aids and many, many more products benefit from our advanced foam manufacturing technology.

What if you need a certain product, such as a landing mat with advanced density or a foam advertising panel in a custom size bearing your team’s logo? If you contact us to discuss your requirements, we will be happy to provide you with a quote for whatever you need.

Foam manufacturing is a deceptively simple process; essentially, the foam is created by forming gassy bubbles within a plastic substance by using a blowing agent. There are two main types of foam and the type we generally use is flexible foam with an open-cell structure, the general purpose of which is to cushion. Thanks to our foam making technology, we can craft foam in whatever guise or density you need.

The product itself is highly versatile and you will see everything from essential safety equipment to small sporting accessories - think foam javelins or footballs - crafted from this durable material. If you need a foam-based product, we can craft custom made designs for you. All you need to do is to get in touch with our friendly and helpful team to discuss your needs and we will design a product for you. Much of our foam is covered in PVC for durability and protection, but this is something that can be altered depending on your needs.