Bespoke Manufacturing - High Jump & Pole Vault Landing Mats

High jump is a fabulous athletic activity that has a range of mental and physical health benefits. Improved heart health, balance and a heightened sense of energy and wellbeing are just a handful of the rewards you can reap from practising high jump regularly.

If you are looking to practise high jump in your school, gym or facility, then here at Eveque we have all of the equipment you need to get started. We cater for a wide range of abilities, including poles that are designed for schoolchildren and professionals alike.

Most importantly, we stock a wide range of high jump & pole vault landing mats, which are an essential piece of safety equipment when it comes to jumping sports such as these. We stock weatherproof mats that are crafted from heavy-duty PVC and soft foam inners to ensure that all landings - whether they be good or bad - are safe and designed to minimise the risk of any injury occurring from the jump. For your convenience, our mats are also fitted with handles as standard to make them easy to carry and relocate if needed.

For further protection in your landing areas, you may also like to look at our pallet bases, which are ideal for outdoor use. Acting as a barrier between the ground and the landing mat, the bases offer stability for the mat along with a suitable base to help protect the mat against damage that could be caused by groundwater and the elements.

High jump is a great form of athletics, but needless to say the landing has to be safe. So view our range of landing mats today to ensure that your next jump is a good one.