Bespoke Manufacturing - Keg Mats

If you are looking for quality keg mats for your pub or restaurant, consider our range. Made from heavy-duty PVC, our keg drop mats have been developed from years of experience in the hospitality industry, ensuring their construction makes them ideal for protecting the floor in your cellar.

Our keg mats comprise layers of foam covered in hard-wearing PVC to offer the best functionality for protecting your floor from the bounce of beer kegs; what’s more, the PVC to the exterior is wipe-clean. Regulated falls into cellars are part and parcel of running a pub or restaurant business with a cellar, so having quality keg mats protects the structure of the floor, the integrity of the barrel and the contents within.

These keg mats with layered foam offer a durable solution that can absorb the impact of the keg landing on them and give the mats the maximum possible life. The construction also ensures that the beer inside the keg is protected and is served to your customers in top condition, meaning your customers are happy and your business avoids costly reorders.

Our keg drop mats come in blue PVC as standard, although other colours are available if you prefer. We also offer a range of sizes, so you can be confident there is something in our range to suit your requirements. Our PVC outer covers are well-suited to the damp environment of many cellars and will not deteriorate as a result of moisture in the area.

Buy your bar supplies and keg mats from us and you can be confident of excellent customer service and top-quality products. With our offer of free delivery on orders over £100, you can always buy from us with confidence. Should you have any queries, our team is always happy to help.