Bespoke Manufacturing - Trampoline Mats

Trampolining is a recreational activity involving acrobatic moves that is also a competitive Olympic sport. In competitions, the moves can involve anything from simple jumps in the straight, tuck, pike or straddle position to complex somersaults and twists and advanced combinations.

There are many advantages to trampolining, including increasing the metabolism and developing skills in balance. It is also good for cardiovascular health and increases energy and vitality; what’s more, it can firm up and tone the muscles.

Trampolining has a relatively low joint impact for such an intensive routine. This is due to the vertical acceleration and deceleration being absorbed by the trampoline pad, so the sport can protect your joints whilst exercising the muscles.

Safety is paramount in trampolining. With this in mind, Eveque has created a range of bespoke mats for clubs both amateur and professional. Coaches will always want to ensure their club members are not exposed to any unnecessary dangers.

At the ends of the trampoline, an appropriately sized safety mat should be placed on the floor immediately beyond the end decks. Further matting should be placed beyond this to ensure the participants are safe.

Eveque’s trampoline end deck mats are manufactured using PVC covers and foam inners. All the mats have Velcro closing on two sides and four carrying handles for easy lifting. They are available as single or double wedge mats. No matter what size you require, Eveque will be happy to provide a mat that suits your own requirements. All mats will provide the utmost in safety and will fully cushion any impact the amateur or professional competitor may endure.

Experience has demonstrated that adopting good coaching practice and creating a safe environment can reduce the risk of injury. Eveque also has you covered with its range of custom made trampolining mats.