Bespoke Manufacturing - Wall Padding

Do you need a padded cell? For a variety of reasons, the answer for many of us is ‘yes’.

In gyms and indoor sports courts, collisions with walls, columns and other obstructions is a danger everyone can do without. Without protection, not only are you and your guests at risk of physical injury but also training and gameplay are hampered. Basketball is a game notorious for collision injuries; however, painful encounters with walls, columns, posts and fences also mar games such as squash, tennis, badminton, hurling, lacrosse, and every variety of football.

Outdoor games pose similar problems. Leading stadia often have space to spare, but many venues have to contend with buildings, wire fences and outdoor furniture. Anything potentially bad for the participants is also bad for the game.

Professional wall padding solutions are more than just a bag of foam, with sports panels crafted for the optimum combination of firmness and impact absorbance. They must also be durable, washable, flexible, and practical to store and manoeuvre. Choosing wall padding in club colours or applying images of club legends is an opportunity to raise the profile of your venue.

Sports are not the only arena in which we need to remove restrictions while minimising injuries. Some of us escape our self-preserving restraints for other reasons, including distress, illness, anger and intoxication. For our mental health, police and penal systems, there are occasions when protecting everyone feels like squaring a circle.

Professional wall padding can be used to create safe and calming rooms. It has been tried and works in schools, special schools, hospitals, halfway houses, care homes and prisons. Properly designed room cladding offers physical protection without provoking distress or risking a statutory transgression.

Padding walls, columns and low ceilings are also surprisingly popular in private homes, especially those with emo teenagers. Treat yourself - you know you want to!