Custom Foam Mats & Products

With a long history of supplying sports equipment and safety mats, Eveque can also offer custom made foam products to the educational, healthcare, sports and leisure sectors, as well as to other establishments such as prisons and courts. In fact, wherever it is necessary to ensure that surfaces are soft and will not cause injury, our bespoke wall and floor padding solutions can be used.

We are able to produce custom foam products such as custom floor mats and wall mats in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, materials and colours to meet your specific needs or to tie in with existing design considerations.

At Eveque, we have supplied custom foam mats for a wide variety of applications including training rooms, dojos, restraint rooms and sensory areas. Simply contact us outlining your requirements and speak to a member of our team who will be happy to help.

We are able to make the foam products you need in the exact sizes, shapes, thicknesses and materials for your specific application whether it is bespoke floor padding, bespoke room padding or custom foam products to protect columns or pillars that could otherwise cause a hazard in the environment.

Because these products are bespoke, they will be fitted precisely to the area, around fixtures such as electrical sockets or light switches. They can also be fixed in position by the method you prefer, such as a hook and loop system.