Climbing Wall Matting

With fun, new activities comes that element of risk, and that's when health and safety comes into play.

We offer a range of climbing wall matting for leisure centres, specialist climbing centres and activity hubs which offer this exciting hobby.

As its popularity is growing, more and more leisure enthusiasts are taking up the pastime, so there is increasing demand for these products to protect participants from serious injury.

We pride ourselves on offering top quality products from the well known and long established Eveque range and we have the expertise and experience to help you choose the right equipment from our fantastic range of goods.

The matting will protect users, so you will have peace of mind, allowing you to focus on developing other areas of the business.

Our 300mm Eveque carpet topped boulder wall matting is robust and is suitable for walls measuring up to 4.5m high. The wall matting is manufactured to suit any area and it boasts a blend of combustion modified foam.

There are 12 fantastic colours to choose from, so you can kit out your centre in whatever shade you wish, making the climbing experience fun and magical for all ages.

Pearl, bluebell, sapphire, jade, cherry, olive and chestnut are among the eclectic range of colours.

Exceptional customer service is key and we ensure all our customers receive quality climbing wall matting as requested. Our bespoke installations are top quality and we will endeavour to meet any requirements that our customers may have.

Conforming to safety is our focus and we invite customers old and new to try the climbing wall matting and see for themselves how to ensure that health and safety is the most important element in an activity centre.

No matter what service you provide, we are ready to assist you in choosing the ideal matting to fit your individual needs.

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