Athletics Equipment Supplier

For a wide range of educational athletic equipment, look no further. From British Athletic Awards for primary and secondary pupils to complete equipment bundles which will set your school up for many athletic activities, we have it all.

As we are the only UK suppliers of Sportshall Athletics equipment for schools, you will find all that you need to participate in the popular school sports competition. We stock everything from mats to javelins, footballs and balance beams, for indoor & outdoor athletics, plus a whole lot more. Many of our athletic kits also come complete with whistles, stopwatches and several reward options, including wall charts and certificates to ensure that you are set up for your activities.

If you are looking for track and field equipment, we stock a large range of items to suit your needs. From the discus, hammer and shot to all you need to participate in the high jump or pole vault, you will find it all here at Eveque.

From single items to full sets that will have you set up for complete activities which are suitable for all age ranges, we have a great selection on offer. What better way to make physical activity fun than with a range of versatile equipment that the children will love, all made with quality in mind?

So whether you are looking to build a basic set of athletics equipment or you are wanting to expand to more specific options, take a look at what we have to offer - all at a price suitable for your budget.