Table Tennis Equipment

Table Tennis Equipment

Like many sports, table tennis began as a humble parlour game available to anyone who had access to a table, ball and paddle. The game was first played in the 1880s when lawn tennis players wanted to adapt their popular game to be able to play indoors during the winter; today, this sport is known as table tennis.

The game can still be considered as humble as its origins, with players only needing access to a table, paddle and ball to be able to play; however, the quality of each of these items has increased greatly and you can access a huge range of products to ensure you are playing the game to the best of your ability.

Within our table tennis equipment range, we are suppliers of indoor tables to get you started, which often come with bats and balls to get you on your way. Most of our indoor tables are rollaway or easy folding for convenience, so you can access the table whenever you are ready to play.

We also stock a number of bats from brands such as Cornilleau and Butterfly. This makes choosing your required equipment easy, as they produce a range of bats tailored to different skill sets - such as beginners and young children - and for intensive use in places such as schools.

Table tennis is a fantastic two- or four-player sport that is equally great for adult fitness and developing children's skills. Eveque UK have plenty of options to suit those shopping for themselves or for a large group, so take a look today.