Dodgeball Equipment

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Being a fast-moving team sport means that dodgeball games are always exciting and very physical in most cases. A popular game in school physical education classes, the rules are simple and the equipment needed is minimal. The ultimate goal of dodgeball is to have all members of one team eliminated from the game, leaving players of the team still standing the official winners.

The equipment needed to play dodgeball

This game has no use for traditional items of equipment such as goals of any kind and no official dress or uniform requirements, although there are some guidelines regarding this for league games. There is only really one thing considered essential to play - the dodgeballs.

The number of dodgeballs needed

There are lots of opinions on how many dodgeballs of the same size are needed to start each game, with official tournament-type matches needing five or six. Informal games may use more or less, depending on the number of players on board and the size of space they have available in which to play.

The size of the dodgeballs needed

As dodgeball is a physical game that depends on players having direct - and often at speed - contact with the ball to be eliminated, it is important that teams have the correct size of ball to suit their players. We sell dodgeballs covering various sizes to suit all age groups.

The dodgeball’s material and features

We feature brands such as Soft Touch rubber-coated, non-sting dodgeballs for outside play and Zoftskin junior dodgeballs for bright, foam-based balls aimed at beginners.