Gym & Exercise Mats

Gym mats are a staple for those who enjoy keeping fit. And as a specialist mat manufacturer with more than 30 years of expertise and experience, we know what makes for the very best in gym floor mats. In this article we take a look at what we have available and what is hot in the world of foam gym mats.

We’d suggest that you don’t need to look any further; here are our UK top-selling mats:

Classic - we recommend our classic exercise mats for general use such as PE and gym activities; each one is manufactured to exacting standards using reconstituted chipfoam which is flame-retardant. The cover is PVC bonded, and it has a latex anti-slip base as well as reinforced welded corners.

Super lite - these mats are best suited for playgroups, infant, primary and special schools. Manufactured from polyethylene foam, they support all the standard properties found in our classic mats.

Super Lite Link - with a similar target audience as our super lite mats and manufactured using the same materials, it also incorporates hook and loop fastenings so that mats can be linked together.

Super agility - with all the qualities listed above, these mats are manufactured using combustion modified foam.

Blended - with the same base line qualities found in all our mats, these blended mats combine the rigidity of lightweight mats with anti-slip properties found in standard foam mats.

All of our gym mats online are despatched within one to fourteen days and come in a variety of sizes.