Trampolining Equipment

Eveque provide a full range of sports trampolines accessories. Included in this range are end deck mats and push-on mats for added safety when spotting. Our accessories have been designed to fit most sports trampolines.

The end deck mats available from Eveque are designed to reduce injuries and accidents when trampolining. End decks consist of a wedge-shaped safety mat plus a frame for extra support. If the user accidentally falls off either end of the sports trampoline, they will reduce the risk of being injured by landing on the end deck mats. These mats can be used for any skill level of trampolining, from practising to use in competition. When the end deck mat isn’t in use, it can be folded or dismantled for easy storage.

Push-on mats available from Eveque are made to be used by instructors who quickly push the mat on to the trampoline before the user lands. These mats are perfect for use when practising more advanced moves. Push-on mats have been designed to absorb the impact of more force, preventing high rebounds, and they also can soften the effect of a bad landing too. Each mat has an inner made from foam with a cover crafted from PVC, plus four handy carry handles for easy manoeuvrability. Push-on mats come in four different sizes for the perfect fit.

All products available in the trampolining equipment and accessory range from Eveque have free delivery and will usually be dispatched within 1-14 days of placing your order.