Racketball Equipment

The game of racquetball is played by two players using a racket each and a standard racquetball ball. It's easy to get started but important to purchase good-quality equipment. Racquetball equipment needs to be strong, light and durable for a successful game and to deliver a strong performance.

There's no extensive amount of racquetball equipment needed to get started, but a good-quality racket and ball are imperative. Brands we sell include Dunlop, who produce a substantial array of racquetball equipment for both adult and mini players.

Mini players, usually aged from 5 to 11 years old, can find an array of rackets and balls to suit their age and level and to improve their standard of play and move forward in the game. Specialised mini racquetball equipment will enable children to learn the skills involved in the game and will improve their coordination and balance. Mini racquetball ball ranges are colour-coordinated to suit each player age range and allow progression as your child improves in the game. We also stock training aids for children being introduced to the game for the first time to allow practice at home and an easy way to develop skills in their own time.

For adult racquetball players, we sell a variety of racquetball equipment. Good equipment is important to deliver your best performance in any game, and racquetball is no exception. We ensure we stock excellent-quality products, including competition balls from Dunlop, which offer durability, consistency and great value and will help deliver an unrivalled performance. Shop today with free UK delivery available.