Teqball Equipment

Teqball Equipment

Teqball is an exciting, new spin on football. Teqball is suitable for all levels, from school children and amateur enthusiasts to professional footballers who want to develop their technical skills alongside stamina and focus.

Teqball is played over a revolutionary piece of sports equipment, tested and refined over two years of research. The final innovative product is a specially bent board with a solid net in the middle, from which the ball can bounce back, allowing the game to be played without interruption.

The game can be played with two or four players, one at each end of the table. Teqball’s rules require no physical contact between players, removing the risk of injuries caused by impact and rough tackles. Players cannot touch the Teqball table, or touch the ball with their arms or hands, relying only on technical skill and expertise learnt on the field. By removing the element of luck, Teqball ensures the best players always win.

Ideal for those who can juggle a ball three times, it complements the traditional game of football, enhancing confidence, passing techniques and decision-making skills, as well as those all-important ‘first touch’ skills which are vital on the pitch.

We sell three Teqball branded tables, so there will be one to suit any requirement and budget. From a lighter more portable table, launched by Ronaldinho himself at the Teqball World Championship, to the ultimate professional Teqball table. All of our Teqball tables are able to be played indoor and outdoor, depending on your needs and all are UV resistant.