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Teqball Equipment
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Like football? Then you are going to love teqball! Teqball is a pure form of football, meaning the game’s rules require no physical contact between players. Good news as impact and rough tackling injuries can’t happen, either in practice or during play.
Teqball is suitable for school children, amateur football players and professional footballers who want to develop their technical skills alongside stamina and focus.
The game requires a piece of equipment which looks like a bent board; it requires two players, one at each end of the table. The rules of the game say that players can’t touch the table. The combination of the two - table and rules - means one thing and that is players can rely only on their skill and expertise.

Perfect for those who can juggle a ball three times, it complements the traditional game of football, enhancing confidence, passing techniques and decision making skills, as well as those all important ‘first touch’ skills which are vital on the pitch.

We supply the following equipment :

Teqball One
This innovative table took two years to develop, and the result is a revolutionary piece of equipment. Incorporating a solid net, the ball bounces back from it, providing the opportunity for uninterrupted play. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor play and is waterproof and UV resistant. It’s a a fixed structure and is easy to assemble.

Teqball Smart - a foldable version of the above, this table has lockable wheels and can be folded on one side to create a rebound wall.