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Ensuring that educational sports equipment is at the top of its game is a must in our industry. We are proud to say that we have more than 30 years’ experience as a specialist martial arts mat maker, so let’s take a look at the training and crash mats we can supply for martial arts.

Our standard judo mat - 1m x 1m x 40mm - has a latex base, is flame retardant, and incorporates anti-slip material. We also offer the same mat with a cellular base.

Our club latex judo mat - again with the same properties and dimensions - is slightly denser and appeals to those who are participating at club level. This club version also comes with a cellular base.

Our competition mat is denser still, manufactured using 14lb of reconstituted chip foam; again, you can choose between a latex and a cellular base.

We also offer the standard judo floor mat at the larger size of 2m x 1m x 40mm; yet again, this larger version comes with either a cellular base or a latex base.

The competition mat - both cellular and latex - also comes in this slightly larger size, which is likely to appeal to those who are taking the sport to either a professional or semi-professional level.

All our mats come in a range of colours: blue, green, red and yellow. The choice is yours. With our exemplary customer care and our swift dispatch system, you can be sure that your martial arts (matting) equipment will not disappoint