Football Equipment

Football Equipment

In order to be successful, your football team needs a few basic items for both training and playing. No matter what the age or experience level of your team - and whether they play for fun or in serious competition - having the right equipment will make the whole experience smoother and more enjoyable for everyone. We have everything your team needs to help your players become the best they can be. Whether you're setting up a new team from scratch, replacing worn-out items or simply adding to your existing equipment, you'll find what you're looking for here. We have football goals, corner flags and other pitch accessories to give your players the best playing experience possible. We also have a huge variety of coaching equipment, meaning your coach will have everything he or she needs to get the most out of training sessions.

You'll find a wide range of training accessories, such as dribbling and shooting aids, as well as a number of items that will help with all-round fitness. Use items for customised training experiences or to assist with training games for the whole team.

Last but not least, you'll find a large selection of footballs produced by several top brands to choose from. And of course you'll need somewhere to store your new footballs, so we've got that covered too. Depending on the number of balls you have, we have a number of football storage solutions, ranging from nets and bags for smaller quantities to cages for larger storage requirements.

What equipment do you need for football?

Football remains one of the most popular sports on the planet. In terms of equipment, football is quite simple because really all that is needed is the ball itself!

Other useful, if not essential, equipment includes goalkeeping gloves, goalposts, corner flags, and a referees whistle.

What equipment do you need for kids football?

Kids' football matches and training sessions may require specialist equipment as well as the basics of a football and goalposts.

This can include: protective gear such as shinpads or goalkeeping gloves, training aids like boundary poles or free kick mannequins, pitch accessories (i.e.corner flags), referees accessories, and first-aid kits.

How much does football equipment cost?

Football equipment ranges in price. The football itself can cost as little as £3.18, up to £90 for branded balls. Depending on type, ball carriers range from £1.80 - £463.32. Goals come in a variety of sizes, costing anywhere between £725.05 for a junior goal and £2304.48 for senior goals.