Football Goal Posts & Nets

Football Goal Posts & Nets

From target practice to match day victory, we stock a comprehensive range of football goals and accessories to suit your indoor and outdoor scoring needs. We pride ourselves on working with leading manufacturers including HARROD UK and Samba so you can select the best products for your players and trust that your football goals will be both safe and durable.

If you’re looking for a heavyweight goal for your club or school, we have a wide selection for you to choose from, suitable for grass or synthetic pitches and in sizes that will suit Junior and Senior sides. You can also count on us when it comes to your nets, supports and counterbalance weight anchors.

Versatility on the field can be achieved with ‘portagoals’ which are easily manoeuvred, or, by using a combined rugby and football goal post. Our range of pop-up and portable football goals provide freestanding solutions in a variety of sizes. Easy to transport and assemble, they are ideally suited for coaches training players across multiple locations - or for park competitions.

We also stock mini soccer approved kids football goals and a small-sided range, which are not simply suited to junior or school teams, yet also ideal for break out group practice and tournaments.

Our wheel-away and foldaway options provide lightweight sports hall goal options that are easily packed away at the end of the session. They also make the most of limited storage space. Indoor training and games can be enhanced with the use of goal mats.

Whether you’re looking for pro-pitch, five-aside or kids football goals, you’ll find the posts, nets and accessories you need with Eveque.