Softball Equipment

Softball Equipment

Softball is the ultimate all-American sport that can be enjoyed across the globe. Much like its British counterpart rounders, softball promotes great upper body and chest strength alongside good flexibility and anaerobic benefits. This is not to mention the mental health benefits of playing as part of a team, which is thought to improve self-esteem.

Here at Eveque, we are proud to stock a full range of equipment for all your needs. We collaborate with Wilks - a major brand in the softball equipment market - to bring you the very best quality bats, balls and accessories. Softball can be a fast-paced and aggressive sport, so we aim to bring you equipment that is of exceptional quality. Designed to stand the test of time, this equipment will give you many, many games and practice sessions before replacement is required.

For your convenience, we also supply teambuilder sets at varying levels - junior and senior age-appropriate - that include all the equipment and accessories you will need for a match or practice. This includes bats, a selection of balls, matting, gloves, and a handy holdall to transport your set in, making it the perfect option for teams, clubs or after-school practice sessions.

We are proud to offer a range of delivery options, including free standard delivery on all web orders over £100. You can also return your items easily if you are dissatisfied with them in any way.

Stock up on our softball equipment and hit a home run today!