Softball Equipment

Softball Equipment

We are proud to be a one of the market's leading softball suppliers offering a full range of softball gear across all levels of ability from junior to senior players.

The sport provides a great anaerobic workout and improves strength and flexibility. Given the speed of the game, we aim to provide softball equipment which will stand up to the demands of training sessions and games. To this end, we have teamed up with the top softball gear manufacturer and softball suppliers Wilks to provide high-quality softball bats, balls and all the accessories you will need to get the maximum enjoyment out of the game.

We offer four different bats for juniors and seniors and a choice of two high-quality softball balls. You can also check out our set of throw down bases, made from rubber and including a home mat and three base plates as well as a pitcher’s mat. As your first port of call amongst softball suppliers, at Eveque we are keen to cover all bases.

Furthermore, we offer teambuilder sets for both juniors and seniors. In these softball sets, you will find all the softball training equipment you could ever need. As well as a set of mats and a variety of bats and balls, you will also get ten catching mittens.

The whole set of softball training equipment comes in a Wilkes bag for easy transportation between training sessions and matches, making it perfect for both clubs and schools.
So why not order your softball gear and training equipment today and hit that ball out of the park!