Netball Balls

Here at Eveque, we are proud to stock the highest quality netball accessories and equipment required for netball clubs, teams, and schools across the UK. Our staff are dedicated to sourcing goods directly from the most trusted manufacturers. If you are looking for netballs for sale, you can rest assured that we will guide you to the best netball ball to meet your needs and requirements.

There are significant differences in netballs for sale and it is best to research what you need ahead of purchase. Typically, players use a netball ball from one of two sizes - a netball size 4 or a netball size 5.

A size 4 netball is designed for use by children aged 10 and under. The smaller size makes it much easier for younger children to handle and to control passes. A netball size 5 is classed as a ‘full size’ netball. These are designed for players older than 10 and should be used in senior training and matches.

Our team source netballs from the best brands including Mitre, Albian and Gilbert. Gilbert is the official netball of the top four teams in the International Netball Federation (INF) rankings - the Australian Diamonds, Silver Ferns, England Roses and the Sunshine Girls.

We offer a range of types of netball ball to meet the needs of any team or coach. For those who need to provide a little extra confidence, Eveque offers netballs that provide additional grip, balls made with special high wearing rubber compounds designed for extra handling and those that can improve the ability of players to catch, pass and shoot.

Whether you are preparing for an international match or a training game at Primary School, the Eveque team will guide you when making a selection for your particular requirements.

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