Handball Equipment

Handball Equipment
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Our range of handballs has been designed for specific uses with appropriate audiences. They are all manufactured from cellular rubber to the highest possible specification, which includes a dimpled surface and patterns stitched by hand to provide the best possible grip.

As this is a fast-moving contact sport, it is important that the handball itself, which is of course essential to play, is not just extremely robust but that it also meets the exact needs of its users. This is why we offer handballs in sizes which range from zero to three, some of which the England Handball Association have recommended especially for educational usage.

Alongside products for a casual play audience, handballs designed to the play level of English handball competition level are also available which are perfect for competitive-level players of all ages. The primary brands available are from Masterplay and England Handball Competition.

Good handballs don’t have to be extremely expensive, and we offer items at different price points, most of which are dispatched within 1-7 days of ordering.

Additional items related to handball, such as portable and easy to set up handball goals & nets for both junior and senior players, are also available. These are usually despatched between 1 and 14 days after ordering.

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