Badminton Equipment

Badminton Equipment

We offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality products in our badminton equipment online range. Our vast array of Carlton branded items includes child and junior products suitable for both primary and secondary school use (key stages one to five).

Our range of badminton products is ideal for school or club use and can be purchased as individual items or in conveniently packaged sets. Our sets include a badminton equipment carry bag for easy transportation and storage.

What equipment is needed to play badminton?

Once you have the right equipment, badminton is a sport you can enjoy over and over again. You need at least two badminton rackets, depending on how many players you have. You will also need a few shuttlecocks and a net to play over. All badminton equipment is light-weight and easily transportable.

We supply everything you need to get started, including a badminton introductory package suitable for those new to the sport or for new groups or clubs.

From rackets and shuttlecocks to posts and nets, we have all the badminton coaching equipment you need for your school or club. Whether you require one shuttlecock for personal use or 1,000 rackets for your club, we offer the same high-quality standards and the finest products available.

Our badminton equipment range is suitable for everyone from the beginners and intermediates to the more advanced players. When choosing the right badminton racket for your school or club, you should consider the weight of the racket, the balance point, the string tension and the handgrip.

What equipment does a line judge need in badminton?

A line judge decides whether a shuttlecock is ‘in’ or ‘out’ when it lands close to the court line. The equipment they need is a pen and paper and a stopwatch. If they are judging a competitive match, they may require an umpire chair too.

Our item descriptions and product reviews are designed to assist you in selecting the right racket for your game. We suggest that beginners start with a lightweight racket; with more experience, a heavier racket can be introduced to provide more power behind each shot.

Whatever your level of experience, you will find the perfect selection of items in our extensive range of badminton equipment UK.

What is the regulations for equipment in badminton England?

Badminton England is the national governing body in England. Regulations state the racket should not be more than 230 mm in width and 680 mm in length whilst the stringed head should not exceed 220 mm in width and 280 mm in length. The shuttle should weigh between 4.74 and 5.50 grams.