British Athletics Awards

As a country, there is currently an obesity crisis within our children. The rise of technology and lifestyle factors could play a part in the reduction of physical activity that has led to worrying statistics stating that there have been record levels of obesity in year six children within the last year alone.

For this reason, it has never been more important for schools and clubs to promote the importance of exercise and athletic skills. Here at Eveque, we are proud to help with this mission and offer a wide range of British athletic awards including certificates and badges, designed to motivate children and help them to reach realistic targets that will improve their health and fitness. We also offer full athletic kits packed with equipment, awards, manuals and accessories - everything you need to help your children to achieve their fitness goals in well-structured classes.

We believe that personal achievements and goals should be celebrated. We offer bulk packs of British athletic awards suitable for children at primary and secondary levels along with badges and motivational charts to help spur them along in their quest to self-improve. These awards have blank spaces in which to write the individual’s name and are relevant rewards for any goal achieved on the ladder of success.

It is proven that approval and praise from others will build self-esteem and encourage children and adults alike to keep pushing themselves to improve. Don't underestimate the importance of issuing these awards - the results will speak for themselves.