Tag Rugby Equipment

Whether you are a rugby club coach or a PE teacher in a school, we have tag rugby equipment to suit all budgets and needs.

Our Albion Universal Tag Belts come in a universal size which fit waists from 26 inches to 40 inches and are suitable for all ages and mixed gender teams. These sturdy tag rugby belts come with two easy to clean PVC tags which are attached with Velcro. They are manufactured to last and withstand the speed of the game, the goal of which is to either score a try or “tackle” a ball-carrying opponent by removing one of the tags attached to the belt.

If you run tag rugby games in a school or college these are ideal junior tag rugby belts. They come in four different bright colours, red, green, blue and yellow. This means you can field four teams at any one time, and the packs of ten tag rugby belts and tags also ensures you have spares for substitutes to wear.

Senior tag rugby clubs will appreciate how hard-wearing these tag rugby belts are, and the fact that they can be used in training sessions over and over again as well as in matches.
Given the number of times tags are removed by defensive players it is vital that the Velcro attachments are robust enough to weather the demands these repetitive “tackles” place upon them.

You can rest assured our Albion tag rugby belts and tags will not let you down - you will enter the game with confidence with our expert Albion kit.

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