Gym Mats

Whether you are practising gymnastics or using mats in the gym for other purposes, the environment you are in plays a crucial role in making sure everyone stays safe and protected. To prevent any sort of slips and falls, we offer a full range of high-quality gymnastic mats to our customers. All our mats have been designed to not only be secure but also to provide comfort so that you can exercise with complete peace of mind.

Gymnastic mats are the ideal solution to the problem of hard wooden or laminated gym floors. The range of mats we have on offer is perfect for at home or commercial use in addition to being used in the school gymnasium. Each mat has high durability and shock absorbance, which means it is capable of taking high impacts. All gymnastic mats are easy to install and store and require very little maintenance. Mats can be wiped clean for ease of use.

Eveque UK has a full collection of cheap gymnastics tumbling mats that are ideal for training purposes whilst still being affordable. For general exercise, such as martial arts training or aerobics, choose a lighter and thinner mat; for any more intense exercise that involves landings and falls, such as gymnastics or wrestling, opt for a thicker mat.

Take a look at our complete range of gymnastic mats to choose the right size and thickness for your activity. The mats available in our range vary in thickness and weight, giving you a great choice.