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  1. August 04, 2022

    England Athletics and Sportshall Associates Renew Partnership

    Sportshall Associates are delighted to announce that we have developed a renewed strategic partnership agreement with England Athletics.

    Both parties are committed to working together to grow the number of young people enjoying our great sport through increased competition opportunities in schools, clubs, and communities across the nation and to ensure that every young person across England can experience athletics as we work collaboratively to tackle the ongoing physical and mental health impacts of the pandemic.

    This renewed partnership demonstrates a shared commitment from both organisations to demonstrate the importance that running, jumping, and throwing plays in contributing to both the physical and mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

    This union will refocus what has been a positive working relationship for a number of years and ensure the sharing of best practice, knowledge, resources, data, and applying innovation to create new competition

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  2. April 29, 2016

    Indoor Sportshall Athletics Equipment

    We supply a wide range of indoor sportshall athletics equipment for different levels of use from primary school up to club facilities. Some of the most popular products include foam javelins, bean bag throwing circles, hi steppers and medicine balls. These can be used for a number of sporting activities in children’s PE lessons or after school clubs. A lot of kids don’t have access to good quality sporting equipment so having the sportshall practise ones can make it more affordable for schools.

    School Sporting Activities

    Interior athletics activities can be extremely good for young children in school and also people in the public. Foam javelins along with vinyl discuses, shots and hammers can all be employed for practising throwing skills in recreational and competitive games. These items are designed to be safe for use by children in an indoor environment as they are lightweight. As the equipment is

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  3. April 28, 2016

    Foam Sports Post Protectors

    We supply a range of foam sports post protectors which are used to cover things like fence posts, pillars, columns and other exposed equipment. These products are commonly used by sports clubs and schools as a way of preventing injuries during sporting activities. The soft foam padding is also perfect for avoiding damage to any sport equipment which is in use.

    Our impact absorbing covers are manufactured with soft foam on the inside, and durable PVC on the outside for longevity and weather resistance. They are easily installed by wrapping around the required post with a Velcro fastening. The protective covers are available in a range of sizes, colours and designs so you can choose ones which perfectly suit your facility. They can be moulded to fit around rugby posts, fencing poles, goal ends, canopy pillars and any

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  4. March 25, 2016

    Climbing Wall Crash Mats

    Indoor climbing centres will usually have specialist safety matting installed to protect users from injury if they fall. We supply and install these climbing wall crash mats in a number of specifications for various types of facility. Organisations like leisure centres and schools can also have the mats installed for smaller recreational walls. The specifications can vary depending on the standards of participation and there are plenty of options to choose from. We also offer PVC covered crash mats for other sports and activities within school sports halls and leisure centres.

    It is very important that recreational climbing centres have safety mats so people using the walls won't be hurt if they happen to fall off. Our boulder wall matting is perfect for walls of up to 4.5m high in order to help absorb impact and reduce the chances of injury. The matting is manufactured with a mixture of combustion modified foam and has a carpet topped finish which

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  5. March 22, 2016

    MMA Dojo Matting Suppliers

    We have plenty of safety mat products available for martial arts facilities like dojos and training rooms. As these areas are used for combat sports, it’s important to have a flooring surface which is safe and will prevent injuries. As specialist MMA dojo matting suppliers we have a number of options to choose from.

    MMA Dojo Matting Suppliers

    The United Kingdom has several institutions in which MMA m

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  6. February 09, 2016

    Safety Mats for Sports and Leisure Activities

    A lot of sporting facilities have specialist safety matting which can be used for a selection of activities. Some of the places which may have spongy mats set up include colleges, leisure clubs, climbing wall centres, mixed martial arts clubs and also bars. The products which are commonly supplied can be used for high jump facilities, MMA arenas, climbing walls and even keg cellars. Foam protective mats are required in order to avoid accidents to people who use these facilities and also avoid destruction of surrounding floor and walls. PVC covers the padding so they can be easily cleaned, and the inside is constructed from soft inners which are designed to make any falls much more comfortable.

    The matting colours and technical specs are varied; this is because certain organisations require more protective qualities. Impact absorbing foam may be fitted around

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  7. January 16, 2015

    Climbing Wall Matting - Checkout our recent projects!

    Climbing Wall Matting - Checkout our recent projects on the new Eveque YouTube channel. 

    Eveque has recently completed a number of specialist climbing wall and gymnasium safety mat installations these can be now be viewed on our new YouTube Page.

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