Safety Mats for Sports and Leisure Activities

 Safety Mats for Sports and Leisure Activities

A lot of sporting facilities have specialist safety matting which can be used for a selection of activities. Some of the places which may have spongy mats set up include colleges, leisure clubs, climbing wall centres, mixed martial arts clubs and also bars. The products which are commonly supplied can be used for high jump facilities, MMA arenas, climbing walls and even keg cellars. Foam protective mats are required in order to avoid accidents to people who use these facilities and also avoid destruction of surrounding floor and walls. PVC covers the padding so they can be easily cleaned, and the inside is constructed from soft inners which are designed to make any falls much more comfortable.

The matting colours and technical specs are varied; this is because certain organisations require more protective qualities. Impact absorbing foam may be fitted around your chosen space and made unique for you personally so it can go around other features. Padding that's used in athletic clubs will normally have scratch proof outer layers to stop deterioration. The bigger transportable foam exercise mats often include grab handles and Velcro fastenings so they can be carried and stored conveniently.

High jump areas need soft landing surfaces for their sports athletes. Based on the type of general performance level while using the equipment, this can change the specs. Secondary schools usually have matting specifications at 4.88m x 2.44m x 0.56m (16’ x 8’ x 20’’). Athletic organisations will most often have exercise mats of 5m x 2.5m x 0.56m in size. International 1 level athletic padding will be 5m x 3m x 0.6m in size. At International Two level, 5m x 3.2m x 0.7m sized safety mats will usually be used. Bigger high jump stadiums which have expert contests usually have 6m x 4m x 0.70m landing surfaces. Grand Prix standard events make use of the specification of 7m x 4m x 0.70m.

Pole vault facilities need soft landing areas to absorb the impact when participants land their jump. There are different matting depths for your individual facility depending on the levels of participation. Athletics teams prefer to have 6.3m x 5m x 0.80m padding for their facilities. With international standard pole vault, 8m x 5m x 0.8m matting is required. Arenas normally have 8m x 6m x 0.80m pad designs. Safety mat dimensions of 8m x 6.5m x 0.85m are used with regard to Grand Prix pole vaulting centres.

Using safety mats below climbing centre walls is important because if somebody did fall it might prevent any serious injuries. Ordinary climbing centre wall structures are 4.5m in size, in order to meet the BMC expectations they should possess 300mm health and safety padding. 200 millimetres padding is only needed for smaller climbing walls which can be 2.5m in height. Various clambering wall centres prefer to employ a carpeting mat, instead of PVC covering.

MMA activities normally include karate, martial arts fighting and judo. These kinds of mixed martial arts organisations require expert protection matting to avoid accidents when individuals are training and combating. Safeguarding mats for gyms and MMA areas are very similar to control and restraint rooms. These kinds of pads provide safety for people using them. Numerous colleges and recreational centres require post matting. It is because if they've got a heavy fencing or post, people might fall directly into them and get injured. Post padding is incredibly common regarding exterior facilities, for example multi use games areas. Nets and goal posts may be padded to prevent injuries.

Cask drop padding could be provided for taverns, pubs and restaurants to help make transportation of casks into cellars easier. The foam layer isn't going to just protect the surfacing; it protects the casks as well. These are designed to lessen bounce so the casks have a regulated fall into cellars. Multiple layers of foam inners are added for keg matting to provide the best levels of protection.

Please feel free to contact our team if you would like some further information on different types of safety padding and exercise mats for various uses. We’d be happy to discuss costs and specifications for each of our products to help you choose what you need.

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