Climbing Wall Crash Mats

Climbing Wall Crash Mats

Indoor climbing centres will usually have specialist safety matting installed to protect users from injury if they fall. We supply and install these climbing wall crash mats in a number of specifications for various types of facility. Organisations like leisure centres and schools can also have the mats installed for smaller recreational walls. The specifications can vary depending on the standards of participation and there are plenty of options to choose from. We also offer PVC covered crash mats for other sports and activities within school sports halls and leisure centres.

It is very important that recreational climbing centres have safety mats so people using the walls won't be hurt if they happen to fall off. Our boulder wall matting is perfect for walls of up to 4.5m high in order to help absorb impact and reduce the chances of injury. The matting is manufactured with a mixture of combustion modified foam and has a carpet topped finish which comes in 12 different colour options. Our products are specially designed to add safety qualities and also enhance the climbing experience for both beginners and experienced professionals.

We make an effort to ensure that the mats are acceptable for your unique area; therefore we have a wide range of unique specs. The specifications adjust dependent on what you're using it for. The matting which we have got can lower the impact and improve safety for individuals who are using the facility. Not only does the matting protect the user, they will also keep the ground and apparatus in good shape. Our climbing wall crash mats can be made bespoke to suit different shapes and sizes throughout your facility. If you have a specific budget we can try to create a design which fits within your price range but still provides the best safety qualities for your bouldering walls.

When utilizing a climbing wall it is better to make sure that the users will be safe. Along with the assortment of mats which we have, we are also able to install made to measure matting. Our professionals are able to give you the foam matting which is well suited for your demands. We have a choice of other features that you could also have included; such as chamfered edges, modular drop zones, carpet wall covering pads and more. The majority of bouldering walls tend to be 4.5 metres and require 300mm padding to fulfil BMC recommendations. However smaller areas with 2.5m walls will usually be fine with a 200mm safety mat as they won’t need the impact absorption to be as high.

If you would like to find out more about the costs for climbing wall crash mats, please feel free to contact us a speak to one of our experts. We would be happy to talk through your budget and work out which products would be best for you. One of our estimators will then be able to give you a quote for the supply and installation.

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