MMA Dojo Matting Suppliers

March 22, 2016

We have plenty of safety mat products available for martial arts facilities like dojos and training rooms. As these areas are used for combat sports, it’s important to have a flooring surface which is safe and will prevent injuries. As specialist MMA dojo matting suppliers we have a number of options to choose from.

MMA Dojo Matting Suppliers

The United Kingdom has several institutions in which MMA mats have been installed. To attempt martial arts safely, protective matting really should be applied. These could be installed in a custom design and style suitable for you. We offer a number of finishes including standard, Tatami and reinforced PVC. The shape can also be customised to suit the dimensions of each individual room. This permits the wall and floor matting to be fitted all-around doors and windows. MMA fighting, judo, karate and much more can be carried out within areas which have safety mats. The design includes impact absorbing properties, and for that reason it decreases pressure in the user’s ankles and knees, whilst additionally decreasing the chance of injury. This enables you to experience the sports, instead of concern yourself with possible safety dangers.

The foam matting will be light-weight with a PVC layer; this lets them to be washed conveniently. The hook and loop fastening for the back of the protective padding allows you to fit to the wall space. Different facilities will require their own specific designs to suit the standards of use. Educational institutions choose to make use of a basic safety mat but dojos want to use Tatami grain mats. We think it is vital you install the right padding for your organisation to keep the people using the matting safer. Training in MMA is physical and can cause potential injuries if the right safety equipment isn’t used. For this reason we highly suggest for you to put in safety mats in advance of undertaking any kind of martial arts in the centre. These mats can protect people from harm, as well as offering them a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

There are lots of activities which can be done in dojos and combat training rooms. Some of the most popular include karate and judo, and these are often done by students in school as well as professional fighters. We have worked with a number of clients to provide protective floor covers in a range of designs. Each project varies so we are able to work with your budget and performance requirements in order to get the perfect end result. These kinds of sports are becoming more popular with young people looking to try out something new, so many leisure centres are trying to accommodate this. The MMA dojo matting can be customised to suit either recreational standards or high professional standards depending on your facility.

If you would like some more information on the MMA dojo matting we can supply, feel free to contact our team for a quote. We’ll be able to customise the design and ensure you get the perfect products for your facility.

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